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Servicing and Fixing your Auto

Come in for your routine maintenance and/or to fix things that are broken on your vehicle.  Routine maintenance are those things that require periodic and continuous attention to keep your car in its best driving condition.  If done properly and efficiently, you will reduce the need for any timely and potentially expensive major repairs.

Routine maintenance includes oil changes, tire rotation, wheel balancing, air conditioning service, transmission servicing, front and rear brakes, battery servicing, and the like.

Sometimes your ride needs more than routine attention; somethings on your car simply fail.  We can diagnose the problem and affordably give you a way to get your car back on the road as quickly as possible. We will identify all the faults that could be fixed and explain to you what they are and what it would cost to repair them.

Upon customer approval, we fix the car’s faults. We fix those faults to make sure your car is safe to drive and operate.

Save Money! Bring your parts, and we will install them at our shop labor rate.

You save money and keep the parts warranty!

Note: we will charge for those items needed to correctly install customer-provided parts such as bolts, washers, sealant, and the like. No JSV Auto warranty on customer-provided parts.

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